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C17300( CuBe1.7 CW100C)

Product name:C17300( CuBe1.7 CW100C)
Company:Guangdong Jiasheng Alloy Materials Co., Ltd
Customizable shapes: blocks, bars, circles, etc
weight :Each product weight can be customized
Brief introduction:Brief introduction:C17300 beryllium copper performance and use with C17200, excellent cold processing performance, good thermal processing performance, mainly used as diaphragm, diaphragm box, bellows, springs. C17300 beryllium copper also has good machinability and contains a small amount of lead, which makes the alloy suitable for operation on automatic lathes. Lead provides fine cutting, thus extending the life of cutting tools.

C17300( CuBe1.7 CW100C)

Beryllium copper characteristic:
The mechanical properties of C17300 beryllium copper are very excellent, with high tensile strength and hardness, as well as good ductility and yield strength, which make it an ideal material for the manufacture of high-strength, high-hardness and high-wear parts and components.

Beryllium copper application:
C17300 beryllium copper is the composition of beryllium copper to add lead alloy, so that it is easy to cut, has excellent machining performance; It is the only non-ferrous metal alloy with good combination of mechanical properties, physical properties, chemical properties and corrosion resistance. After solution and aging heat treatment, it has the same high strength limit, elastic limit, yield limit and fatigue limit as special steel. At the same time, it has high electrical conductivity, high hardness and wear resistance, high creep resistance and corrosion resistance. It also has good casting performance, non-magnetic and no spark during impact. High strength, high wear resistance, high elasticity, high thermal conductivity, non-magnetic, no deformation at high temperature, small heat shrinkage deformation, etc

Applicable range of beryllium copper:
Can be used to manufacture high strength, high hardness and high corrosion resistance parts and components can be used in high precision electronics, hardware, Bearings, drive shafts, gears, propellers, electrical contacts, RF coaxial connectors, circular connectors, printed circuit board and spring contact test probes, shaft rings and bearings requiring minimal maintenance, plastic injection molding and metal die cast core rods and other inserts, oil and gas drill pipe column assemblies and tools, eyeglass frames, etc.

Beryllium copper parameter:

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