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Our Beryllium copper product systemBeryllium copper products

Entering Jiasheng Group

JS Group was established in 2000,Professional R & D, production, sales of copper alloy more than 20 years, dhering to the "integrity and pragmatic, excellence" concept, quality first, service first. Adhere to continuous improvement of technology, stable quality.

Foreign Trade Department: Guangdong Jiasheng Alloy Materials Co., Ltd

Hong Kong Company: Jiasheng International Industrial Co., Ltd

Guangdong Factory: Dongguan Jiasheng Copper Materials Co., Ltd

Jiangsu Factory: Jiangsu Xiongsheng New Materials Co., Ltd

Our advantage in producing beryllium copperWe have a complete beryllium copper production factory, including beryllium copper raw materials, beryllium copper testing, beryllium copper production lines, etc

20 years of research and development and technical experience in beryllium copper

20 Years of research experience in sales 20 years of experience

  • Accumulated over 20 years of on-site experience and professional beryllium copper production technology
  • More than 3000 customers served directly or indirectly
  • beryllium copper manufacturer that integrates production, design, research and development, and sales
20 years of R&D and sales experience

Quality assurance beryllium copper

  • Provide beryllium copper series products and support customized beryllium copper products,
  • We have modern and accurate beryllium copper testing equipment to meet the requirements!
  • Make every effort to meet your production and procurement needs

Factory direct supply quality assuranceVarious beryllium copper raw materials

  • Select source suppliers for supply and reduce intermediate links
  • To provide you with high-quality and affordable aluminum products
  • 20 years of precision quality, striving for excellence at every step

Adequate beryllium copper inventory Beryllium copper

  • Full range of products:C17500/C17510/C17200/c18500/c18510
  • The factory has complete equipment, the warehouse has sufficient inventory, and the categories are complete, with fast shipments and short supply times

Beryllium copper production equipment and beryllium copper workshopOur Workshop

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