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Chromium zirconium copper product overview and use
Chromium zirconium copper is a kind of metal material, chemical formula CuCrZr, widely used in automobile, motorcycle, barrel (can) and other mechanical manufacturing industry welding, conductive nozzle, switch contact, mold block, welding machine auxiliary device with various materials.

Chrome-zirconium copper properties
1.Chrome-zirconium copper chemical composition (mass fraction)%(Cr:0.1-0.8, Zr:0.1-0.6) hardness (HRB78-83) conductivity 43ms/m.
2.Chromium zirconium copper has good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, high hardness, wear resistance and explosion resistance, crack resistance and high softening temperature, welding electrode loss is less, welding speed is fast, the total cost of welding is low, suitable for welding welding machine electrode related pipe fittings, but the performance of electroplating parts is general.

Chromium zirconium copper uses and advantages
1. Chromium copper has good electrical and thermal conductivity, high hardness, wear resistance and explosion resistance, and is used as an EDM electrode with good uprightness, wafer bending and high finish.
2. Chromium copper has the characteristics of electrical and thermal conductivity, hardness, wear resistance and explosion resistance, superior price than beryllium copper mold material, etc., and has begun to replace beryllium copper as a general mold material in the mold industry. For example, sole molds, water-heating molds, plastic molds that generally require high cleanliness, etc., connectors, guide wires, and other products that require high-strength wires.
3.Chromium zirconium copper through the combination of heat treatment and cold processing method to ensure performance, it can obtain the best mechanical and physical properties, so used to do general purpose resistance welding electrode, mainly as spot welding or seam welding low carbon steel, coated steel electrode, can also be used as welding low carbon steel electrode grip rod, shaft and liner material. Or as the electrode grip rod, shaft and liner material when welding low carbon steel, or as the convex welding machine for large molds, fixtures, stainless steel and heat-resistant steel molds or embedded electrodes.

Chrome-zirconium copper features
With high strength and hardness, electrical and thermal conductivity, wear resistance and wear reduction good, after aging treatment hardness, strength, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity are significantly improved, easy to weld. Widely used in motor commutator, spot welding machine, seam welding machine, electrode for butt welding machine, and other high temperature requirements of strength, hardness, conductivity, guide pad parts. With the production of EDM electrode can electrocorrode a more ideal mirror, while the upright performance is good, can complete the effect that is difficult to achieve pure red copper such as wafer, tungsten steel and other difficult to process materials.


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